We provides its customers different types of services in different parts of the world. We offer quality, reliable and most importantly inexpensive servers in Europe and Asia. The European datacenter is geographically located in Luxembourg and is fully compliant with international standards Tier II, IV. Datacenter of the Asian region meets international standard Tier III, and geographically located in Singapore.

We offer rental services of modern equipment, connected to Internet via high-speed fiber backbone. All servers provided with uninterrupted power supply, which allows us to guarantee our customers flawless operation of their services. The possibility of improving hardware configuration, with adding SSD drives, provides a much higher performance of the servers. Whichever service you choose: rent a dedicated physical server, virtual server, or hosting your equipment on our technical site (colocation), we will provide you with a reliable trouble-free operation. The team consisting of highly qualified specialists will provide technical support and will quickly and professionally answer all your questions.

By renting a dedicated server from our company, which is located in Europe (Luxembourg) or Asia (Singapore), you are getting a pre-configured and ready to use server. A variety of different hardware configurations allow you complete freedom in choosing a server that suits your demands and budget preferences. If you are not ready to buy expensive equipment or if the possibilities of virtual servers are not enough for you, renting a dedicated server that fits your needs is the best option.

Datacenter employees do not have access to the customers’ systems or to the data stored on the servers. You have full control over the functionality of your server and equipment.

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