RSAIANet NOC services are set up to meet your infrastructure support requirements. Outsourced NOC Services are structured for your operational workflow. Simply put, we help you with your business support goals.

Full Network Monitoring
Monitor every aspect of the network; PINGs, traffic, bandwidth, firewalls, routers and switches to make sure they have the right network infrastructure in place.

Bandwidth Monitoring
Identify potential bandwidth capacity and overloads, and where shortages are happening.

Hardware Monitoring
Allows the monitoring of all IT hardware at a glance – e.g. Computers, Printers, Servers, Hard Drives, Routers, and Switches.

IP Monitoring
Allows the monitoring of all IP addresses in your network, even remote and on Virtual Machines.

Update and Patch Monitoring
Makes sure updates and patch monitoring happens across all operating systems and applications.

Database Monitoring
Enables datacenter teams to monitor availability, downtime, usage, alerts, Oracle SQL, MS SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Application Monitoring
Allows engineering teams to monitor SQL, exchange and server software, cloud and virtualised applications and other standard business applications.

WiFi Monitoring
Gives operational and IT teams access to what is happening across a WiFi network, in terms of devices, load, traffic, signal strength, and last access.


Early recognition of potential hardware issues, meaning a proactive approach to IT can take place saving engineering time and costs to repair in the future.
Detect potential security threats earlier and put in place anti-virus software and patch management to stop attacks before they harm the business.
Enable the automation reboots of computers and other hardware saving engineers time and effort in their daily roles.
Make sure webpages are always available and set up alerts if they start to run slowly so customers receive a great online presence whenever they visit your company online.
Ensure your datacentre is running at the optimum temperature and is safely accessed by the people at the right time.
Make sure your business and guest WiFi has the right bandwidth and user experience wherever users are accessing the service.