The Perfect Radius Server Solutions for Wireless Hotspot

Offer guests and public Wi-Fi or network access . Using a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, and analytic applications, they can provide an engaging Wi-Fi and network experience.

Kiwire™ is a next generation hotspot 2.0 compliance Wi-FI management application that is able to manage guest and user that provide :
Authenticate user with variety of method and data source
Provide comprehensive user policy securely.
Differentiate user or guest access plan
Enterprise user BYOD management.
Innovative analytic of network user behaviour and insights.
Big data network analytics.
Fully browser based ease of management control panel
Provide 1st line of marketing information to guest and user.
Scalable and High performance platform.

Enable your customers to personalize the splash portal presented by the captive portal to match the look and feel of their brand, provide location-based content and build customer loyalty. Thanks to the responsive design features, the splash portal adapts itself to the visitors’ devices.

Empower your customers to offer free or pay-per-use services in recurring or one-time formats. They can set time-based policies or provide vouchers through PINs. Plus, they can get visitors connected using auto-provisioning or help them benefit from self-provisioning on the splash portal. They can also authenticate with 3rd party identity source such as Microsoft Active Directory, Radius , Social network such as Facebook and more.

Enable your customers to collect and analyze information about online visitors registered to a specific Wi-Fi hotspot. They can access a wide range of metrics: capture rate, conversion rate, repeat rate, daily distribution of sessions, average session time, and number of single-time or recurring users.

Imagine the capability to engage your target user directly based on their behaviour and user grouping , no more mass campaign and hope relevant user will be engaged by your campaign. Kiwire™ provide the capability to run multiple campaign based on user behaviour , such as time of the day , location , milestone and many more . we can even offer to send notification or trigger your in house application when a user is not seen in your network for more than 30 days to re-engage them.