HiMedia’s IPTV Smart Solution is an easily deployable,quick-to-implement,and at the same time,advanced IPTV solution at an affordable price.Providing all the state-of-the-art features of a true IPTV solution from Internet access via TV and timeshift TV to video-on-demand,HiMedia’s innovative service will make it easy for you to bring a new television viewing experience to your end customers.The solution is based on software that delivers all the know-how needed to operate a complete IPTV service.The service lets you provide broadcast-quality TV,interactive media,and enhanced services to your subscribers.

Hybrid TV STB Solution
Android IPTV TV STB + Digital TV Receiver(DVB-T/ISDB-T/ATSC)
IPTV is making an impact with its combination of network-bandwidth availability,content providers’ distribution goals,added content security,and consumer demand for more tailored programming.To support the transition to this technology,a hybrid STB is needed to deliver both terrestrial DTV and IPTV requirements.To deliver a great hybrid STB,the designer has to come up with the winning combination that addresses the various components of the streaming landscape like the resolution,video codec,container format,standard protocol,and the networking interface.The designer has to consider the diversity of the streams that need to be decoded and address the complete matrix.From a systems hardware perspective,a hybrid STB involves very little modification to the existing IPTV STB and hardly escalates the cost.

Hotel TV Solution
Video-on-Demand+Enhanced Content Services
Hotel TVs come with important features that make sure guests have a pleasurable stay,and ensures that hoteliers have minimal maintenance issues.Standard hotel mode TVs provide the following features:
Menu Lock (prevent guests ability to change Hotel TV settings)
Volume Restriction (prevent guests using excessive volume)
Power-Up Channel (specify the channel or input on power-up or from standby)

IPTV Package
Our package comes with quarterly , 6 months and annually

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